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An intercom (intercommunication device), talkback or door phone, is a two-way communications electronic device that contains circuitry for the purpose of transmitting and receiving audio and/or video transmissions. Basically, an Intercom allows a person speaking into a microphone to be heard on a speaker by people in a different room or area.


Intercom solutions have long outgrown the image of the single-line, single-button door buzzer panel. In a wide range of communication and building management settings, the intercom is emerging as the future central hub technology that brings together audio and video communication.


Additionally, Intercoms come in a variety of styles. Some are extremely easy to use, while others can be very complicated. There are audio intercoms, video intercoms, interactable and multi-tenant intercoms. Intercom devices are also available in various styles and designs. Some of the designs are simple while others are not. Leaving aside the various design features, here are the most important intercom devices currently on the market today.

Types of Intercoms

  • Wireless Intercom

    • This is a telecommunications device that enables voice communication without the need to run copper wires between intercom stations. Additionally, a wired intercom system may incorporate wireless elements. There are many types of wireless intercom systems on the market. Most wireless intercom systems communicate by radio waves using one of the frequencies allotted by various government agencies.
  • Wired Intercom Systems

    • A wired system can give you a little more privacy and eliminate possible interference from neighboring systems.
  • Video Intercom

    • Typically includes a unit that has a camera, speaker, and a push button going to an entrance door, and an internal monitor unit that can communicate with the entrance unit.
  • Apartment Intercoms

    • With these types of intercoms, a visitor has to press the button for the apartment they want to speak to. Then, the tenant can speak back and then press a button to unlock the door.
  • Two-way Radios

    • These radios communicate with base station intercoms. So you can have the flexibility of a mobile radio that communicates over long distances mixed with the capability a fixed intercom gives you.
  • Security Intercoms Systems

    • Security intercom systems are used to provide voice communications between two or more locations for security purposes. They are also frequently used between a locked building entrance door and a constantly attended location in the building.
  • Automated Gate Entry Intercoms

    • These systems allow opening the door or gate remotely without you having to physically open it for someone entering the house.

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